Pujols’ camp touched base with the Yankees

Because Dan Lozano wouldn’t have been doing his job if he hadn’t at least asked, the Yankees did have a chance to talk about Albert Pujols, general manager Brian Cashman said on Thursday.

“They touched base with me, but I said no,” Cashman said. “I gave it a nice, respectful no. We’ve made our commitments, we have guys we’re committed to, and … even though you can say he can fit on anybody’s club, realistically our money is spent in those directions. Trying to add that, how do you add that, with our commitments? You just can’t, it’s not feasible.”

Cashman said that Pujols’ camp understood the Yankees’ situation.

“Even Dan Lozano recognized [Mark] Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, [Jesus] Montero,” Cashman said. “There’s no vacancy here. I think if you were in my chair, you’d be in the same decision-making mode.”

If your eyebrows go up at the mention of Montero alongside Pujols, Teixeira and A-Rod, Cashman was in a joking mood this morning (though, of course, they do think highly of Montero).

Asked for his reaction to Pujols’ reported agreement with the Angels, Cashman replied, “Obviously he’s one of the greatest that’s played. He makes everybody significantly better. If he played for anybody, he’d make them all significantly better. He’s a special player. I don’t know him personally, but I see what he does with that bat. It’s Montero-like.”

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