Yankees open to dealing A.J.

The Yankees have continued to tell teams that they are willing to listen to trade offers for any player without a no-trade clause, a group that includes A.J. Burnett.

But thus far, no club has shown interest in Burnett, who is owed $33 million over the next two seasons. The New York Post reported that the Yankees are willing to pick up $8 million of Burnett’s remaining salary.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said that the market in Dallas has proven extremely difficult to find willing trade partners. He hedged when asked if the time spent at the Hilton Anatole has been productive thus far.

“Productive implies I feel we’re going to get somewhere,” Cashman said. “Right now, I feel like productive is too strong of a word. We’re working, but I think it’s going to be hard to add to what we have currently.”


IF they do unload BUSTnett by some miracle, they really nee to step up their search for another pitcher or two, maybe someone like Matt Garza, John Danks, Edwin Jackson, or Gavin Floyd. They aren’t Cy Young-type pitchers but they don’t have to be, just need guys to fill out the backend of the rotation and these guys could upgrade the pitching, other than CC and Nova there is no one else in the rotation who can be trusted. Put Garcia in the pen. He pitched well last year, but it’s expecting too much for a pitcher of his age to repeat the type of season he had last year. Garcia is nothing but a soft tosser at this point who gives up too many hits and gave up a bit too many HR’s (10 in 75 IP).

Giving up a guy like Gardner and another mid-level prospect should do the trick. The Yanks won’t be able to fully make up Gardner’s glove but they don’t have to, a guy with a decent glove with a bigger bat should also do the trick. Besides, everyone knows good solid pitching is the basis of good team D. It’s PITCHING that wins championships, not a one-dimensional fielder with a weak bat.

Whatever they do they can’t do something as FOOLISH and stand pat with the roster the way it is, especially since this team finished in 3rd place in 2010 and were eliminated in the 1st Rd of last season’s playoffs. This team needs to make changes to the roster if it hopes to take the next step, otherwise we can expect the same disappointing finish we have been seeing for years, doesn’t matter how many games this team wins in the regular season, you play to win championships not to win the most games in the regular season.


Didn’t they win the Wild Card in 2010? 95 wins, two less than this year.


Sorry I meant 2nd place, thanks for catching that, but doesn’t matter with this team’s payroll and talent, anything less than a WS title is a disappointment. Who is really going to care if this team continues to win 95 games only to lose in the 1st Rd? Heck, no one would say this team is the best in the AL. It’s NOT!!!!


I’m all for unloading BUSTnett to another team, but even though they are willing to eat $8 million of the remaining $25 million on his contract, he would still be far too expensive, especially for a pitcher who has been nothing but a bust his entire Yankee career. No team would touch a pitcher like that with a 100 ft. pole.


I like AJ but he has not been effective, and has been inconsistent. A change would be good for him and the Yankees.


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