Cashman: No drunken napkin swapping these days

You’ve almost certainly noticed how much quieter the Yankees figure to be during these Winter Meetings. Brian Cashman says it isn’t for a lack of trying; he just seems to be having conversations with other general managers that are hitting dead ends. But why?

“I don’t know,” he said. “I think everybody values prospects a lot more now, while at the same time trying to retain maximum value on players toward the back end of their contracts. It’s just hard to find matches. Money is a real issue for everybody; everybody has various different budgets, some higher than lower. It’s just hard to find a match – and it feels like it’s harder now than ever. You don’t see those old-school 7- to 11-player deals.

“You don’t see stuff like that anymore. I think people are smarter, also; it’s not a complaint, but a lot of people are a lot smarter and therefore more careful. This isn’t the old seat-of-the-pants, get drunk in the lobby and write names on the napkin. People don’t conduct business that way any more. They just don’t.”

It’s not like the Yankees don’t have chips that teams are asking about. In fact, Cashman said he’s getting requests about some names you might not even have thought of.

“I’ve got a lot of teams expressing interest in [Ivan] Nova, [Brett] Gardner, [Phil] Hughes, [Jesus] Montero, [Hector] Noesi, [Manny] Banuelos, [Dellin] Betances; I’ve had teams ask me about [David] Robertson,” Cashman said. “The ones that people don’t ask me about are [Robinson] Cano and [Curtis] Granderson. Outside of that, I’ve had basically hits on everybody else.”

And, obviously, there has been no rush to deal those players away.

“All those guys are either future high performers or currently high performers, they’re under control and they’re cheap,” Cashman said. “It’s, ‘Hey, take my older, expensive, over-the-hill guy for your young, better-performing guy.’ I’m like, ‘Let me think about that and get back to you.’”

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