Cashman keeping cool with Winter Meetings ahead

Yankees GM Brian Cashman played it close to the vest this morning with a group of reporters in Stamford, Conn., and who could blame him? Cashman was on top of the 22-story Landmark Building, preparing to rappel down the side of it for the second straight year.

Cashman pulled it off without a hitch, but it doesn’t sound much like he has high hopes for swinging anything during the Winter Meetings in Dallas.

“Right now, if you’re asking me do I expect to do something in the next week, no,” Cashman said. “But I’ve had enough conversations where I could wind up doing something today. A lot of work has been done. A lot of conversations have been had. If somebody bends or adjusts, then I’m ready to make a recommendation for us to make a move.”

He added:

“Unless I change my position, which I don’t plan on doing, or unless they change their position, which could happen, then we might be in a better position to have something come into the target zone and we’ll take a shot at it.”

Here’s video of Cashman descending the building, in which he says in response to a question about Albert Pujols, “No big guys for us. We’ve got a lot of big guys already.”

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