Granderson pleased by CC’s decision

Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson was pleased by CC Sabathia’s decision to sign a contract extension with the club, ensuring the left-hander will be in pinstripes at least through 2016.

Granderson heard about Sabathia’s extension in Taiwan, where he is helping lead a squad of Major Leaguers – including teammate Robinson Cano – on an international trip.

“It’s a great thing,” Granderson said. “It’s a bit of a relief, not only on their side, but just knowing that he’s happy, too. When you have a player that’s happy, he’s going to be able to go out there and perform at his best. And sure enough, he is happy and that’s the reason why he’s definitely remaining.”

Sabathia’s new deal guarantees him $122 million over five years. There’s also a vesting $25 million option for 2017, and Granderson considers it all money well spent.

“We saw him adapt and get in the way he did, and have success the way he did, and just continue to get better and better,” Granderson said. “And it’s the place to do it, on the biggest stage in all of baseball. Anything else besides the New York Yankees – especially after winning the ring and the Cy Young as he has in the past and with the potential to do it again – I didn’t expect anything different but for him to be in pinstripes.”

Thanks to’s Doug Miller for catching up with Granderson in Taiwan.

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