Yankees finalize ALDS roster

(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

NEW YORK – The Yankees have finalized their roster for the American League Division Series, which begins on Friday at Yankee Stadium against the Detroit Tigers at 8:37 p.m. ET.

New York will carry an 11-man pitching staff in the first round, planning on having CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia to be the only hurlers tabbed for starts.

Sabathia would draw the assignment on short rest in a potential Game 4, while Nova would pitch a Game 5 on regular rest.

The eight-man bullpen is headed by closer Mariano Rivera, with Rafael Soriano and David Robertson serving as setup men. Boone Logan is the lone left-hander in the relief corps.

New York’s other relievers include Luis Ayala, Cory Wade and two hurlers who spent time in the team’s rotation this year: A.J. Burnett and Phil Hughes, who both could offer the ability to pitch multiple innings if needed.

21-year-old rookie Jesus Montero has made the club as a backup catcher behind starter Russell Martin, with Jorge Posada expected to serve as the designated hitter and an emergency catcher during the ALDS.

Behind the starting infield of first baseman Mark Teixeira, second baseman Robinson Cano, shortstop Derek Jeter and third baseman Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees are carrying two backup infielders – Eric Chavez and Eduardo Nunez.

New York’s starting outfield of Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher will be backed up by both Andruw Jones and Chris Dickerson, the latter of whom offers a late-inning defensive replacement or pinch-running option.

Notable players bypassed for New York’s first-round roster included right-handers Bartolo Colon and Hector Noesi, left-hander Raul Valdes and catcher Austin Romine.


I wouldn’t say using Logan, Wade and Ayala, who all have done some great pitching for the Yanks this season, is a reason to have an opinion of “unethically competing”. I think you opinion is a stretch Keith. These 3 pitchers are one of the reasons we had an 8 game lead over the Red Sox, and we had the option of not putting our star players in a possible injury situation…Could you imagine, with just 2 games until the play-offs beginning, getting Robertson or worse Riviera injured, or even Soriano…They would have the manager’s head on the chopping block and for good reason…Give the Orioles and Rays a lot of credit for come from behind wins…Yanks were up 7 to 0 in the 8th inning and Girardi pulled his starters out…I think he both competed to win the game and also ethically had moral concern out of respect for those who still had a chance, like the red sox…If he had started his Scranton players to begin the game and then put all non-playoff roster players in the whole game to pitch, which he could of done, then it could be legitimate concern…But what transpired is not what you describe….It seems you must be a disgusted Red Sox fan looking hard to blame the epic collapse of a good team, on another team…Pretty weak really..but we totally understand, very frustrating..Red Sox only had to win 8 games and they were in the play-offs…they couldn’t get it done going 7 and 21 or whatever…I respect your opinion but I disagree!!!


There were hardly the same question marks in the Phillies staff that the Yanks faced. So thanks for your unintelligent opinion Keith!


Charlie Manual, now there’s a manager who man’s up and plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Compete as if your character and reputation are on the line, because, Mr Girardi, they are. Every day.


after seeing the list of how the Yankee pitching will lay out, i’m wondering whether, you know, in games that only matter to the other team, you know, when the Yankees don’t see any need or ethical moral concern to actually compete, will they use eleven pitchers, long guys for an inning or two, waste them so that later the other team can score six in the eighth and a powder puff 88 mph fastball with one strike left, you know, since no obligation ethically to compete is actually written in the rules handbook. Just wonderin’


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