Russell Martin: “I hate the Red Sox”

Russell Martin didn’t mince any words this afternoon, talking about how sweet it’d be to knock the Red Sox out of the postseason hunt by playing some serious spoiler this weekend.

“Anything to get the Red Sox out would be awesome for me,” Martin said. “They’re coming up next, so it’ll be fun.”

Asked why he felt so strongly, Martin responded, “Because I hate the Red Sox.”

A career National Leaguer before this season, Martin said that his first season in pinstripes played the biggest part in his disdain for the team’s AL East rivals.

“Of course it’s this year,” he said. “They are fun to play against just because they have a quality team and are gritty and play hard and stuff, but I’d love to see them lose. … I guess it just comes with the territory, you know? When you wear the pinstripes, you just kind of learn to be that way, I guess.”

Martin shrugged when asked if avoiding a possible meeting with the Red Sox in the ALCS was behind the motivation for his comments.

“They’ve given us a hard time all year,” Martin said. “I don’t think we’re scared of them or anything. We’ll see what happens. If we play them, we play them. We just have to beat them.”

Suffice it to say, Martin is looking forward to being on the field against Boston beginning on Friday.

“It’s good baseball. These teams are going to be fighting for it. It’s going to be fun to be the spoiler,” Martin said.

For the record, Martin said with a grin that he doesn’t hate the Rays or the Angels.


Allan, there is a late game thread.


11-0 – bet Francona’s watching this going “jeez guys you didn’t need to make it THAT obvious!”


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