Game 156: Yankees vs. Rays

It’s a good day to hate the Red Sox, apparently, in Russell Martin’s world. For everyone else, the Yankees begin the spoiler part of their season right here, seeing only the Red Sox and Rays the rest of the way.

I’m always amazed at how good stadium crews are about getting all the sticky, sweet bubbly out of the clubhouse the day after a clinching celebration. You’d never know what a mess the Yankees clubhouse was when we walked out last night.

I guarantee that if I invited 50 to 60 people over to my apartment and allowed them to do what the Yankees did last night, the place would be reeking of spoiled alcohol until well after Christmas. Then again, I can’t really fit a baseball team in my apartment anyway, so it’s a moot point.

The Yankees’ magic number to clinch the best record in the American League is 3, comprising any combination of Yankees wins and Tigers/Rangers losses.

Here are tonight’s lineups  —

September 22, 2011 – Yankee Stadium – 7:05 p.m. ET (YES/ESPN, WCBS 880 AM)

RAYS (85-70)
Desmond Jennings LF
B.J. Upton CF
Evan Longoria 3B
Matt Joyce RF
Johnny Damon DH
Ben Zobrist 2B
Casey Kotchman 1B
John Jaso C
Reid Brignac SS

Pitching: Matt Moore LHP (0-0, 6.23)

YANKEES (95-60)
Derek Jeter SS
Eduardo Nunez 2B
Mark Teixeira DH
Nick Swisher RF
Andruw Jones LF
Jesus Montero C
Jorge Posada 1B
Brandon Laird 3B
Greg Golson CF

Pitching: Bartolo Colon RHP (8-9, 3.81)


And all of you completely forget Banuelos, unbelievable!


Problem comes when you look just a little deeper – Brackman & Betances both had their MLB bow last night, this was Moore’s third game, he happened upon a Yankee lineup which would have struggled to hit water if they fell off a boat last night! Besides, i know they’re all professionals & are well trained, but if you don’t get nervous during your first big league appearance you’re not human – those guys just had their dreams come true in probably one of the most famous venues in sport.


If the Rays have Matt Moore, who have we got? Certainly Brachman or Betances didn’t look like great prospects the way they pitched tonight. If you’re going to compare top prospects with top prospects would you put Moore way ahead of two of the Yankee pitching prospects? He sure looked like it tonight.


Yep, he is far ahead of both Brackman and Betances. Both have had their share of arm problems in their development as pitchers slowing their development. They both have control problems, but Betances has at least had success in the minors while Brackman has looked like a bust so far. Betances is definitely going to be a good one in the very near future, but Brackman, I’m not too sure, he’s had 2 horrendous seasons in the minors out of three.


Bryan’s got a point, he might have been facing guys who looked like they didn’t stop celebrating til an hour before the game but Moore looked like he had excellent control & good confidence in his pitching – could be a valuable asset in the Rays organisation.


who’s this guy Moore with no record? A rookie? And the Yankees can’t score a run off him? Even the B team? I think I’ve got to stop watching this one. It’s a total waste of time. Awful baseball from the Yankees. Hopefully we’ll see some better baseball against the Sox. If not we’ll be in serious trouble heading into the playoffs.


In fairness, Moore is likely the top pitching prospect in all of baseball.


This game tonight won’t help the Yankees in trying to be the best team in baseball. Being the best team will help in the playoffs so there should be an incentive to try to win every game. This seems to be a joke tonight, a major league team playing an A or AA team at the best.


I think we’ve burnt Bart out and he won’t really be a factor in the playoffs. Perhaps he’s the one that needs to go to the bull pen. He hasn’t pitched well at all in the last few games. This is a laffer(laffey) tonight isn’t it? I was concerned about this happening after we clinched last night. Hopefully we won’t stumble into the playoffs or we could be out in a hurry. Need to keep the intensity up or we could be in trouble. We might be able to throw this one away but need to play well against the Sox in the next series. Only 3 hits again and 3 errors, so not a very good night but I guess we’re playing our B team and the Rays have their best on the field. Colon was bad, Proctor was bad, Laffey is bad. The starter and the bull pen not getting it done tonight. I don’t like Proctor as a reliever. I don’t think Girardi should use him in the playoffs.


Glad we clinched last night or my blood pressure would be off the chart over tonight’s performance. Guess they are trying to eliminate the Sox before the playoffs. Colon’s last few outings have to be a growing concern for the postseason.


Bart just hasn’t had the movement he started the year with and I think he’s lost some velocity too!


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