Yankees could do some celebrating Wednesday

There could be a celebration in the Yankees clubhouse on Wednesday.

New York’s 5-0 win over the Rays on Tuesday — coupled with a 7-5 Orioles win over the Red Sox up at Fenway — has the Yankees’ magic number to clinch a playoff spot at just 2. Their magic number to clinch the American League East is 3.

Nick Swisher, who loves a good party just as much as anyone, said that he wasn’t getting too giddy yet.

“You can worry about that stuff, man, I’m not really worried about that,” Swisher said. “I know if we go out there and play our game, everything is going to take care of itself. It’s just a matter of time and it’s something we want to achieve. It’s something we’ve all got our minds set on.”

Yankees captain Derek Jeter said that he paid no mind to how New York’s win over the Rays actually helped the Red Sox, who keep a two-game lead on the Rays for the Wild Card.

“I’m not thinking about that. We need to win our games,” Jeter said. “The two teams that are closest to us, we play. I’m not watching the scoreboard. It really doesn’t make a difference because we’re in a position now if we win we’ll be where we want to be. We have to continue to play well.”

To manager Joe Girardi, spilling a little drink in the clubhouse would be a nice first move toward where his team needs to get.

“We have a chance to get there and that’s a step,” Girardi said. “We need to continue to play good baseball because our goal is to win the division, have home field advantage and go from there.”

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Just keep smacking up those Rays, k?


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