Granderson “perplexed” by scheduling issues

Yankees player representative Curtis Granderson just released the following statement:

“Given the advance notice and the fact that other teams have adjusted their schedules ahead of time, we are perplexed at the current options we are being presented with in regards to making up any games postponed due to Hurricane Irene.

“The proposition to take away our only full off day in the final month of the season is not an option, even though the Orioles’ front office and the Commissioner’s office think this is an adequate solution. It’s a shame that the decision has now come down to possibly having to play four games in two days or having to come back to Baltimore for another makeup game.”


Another homer for Granderson….kid is awesome…MVP in the AL…people hate common sense, don’t they?


They should have had the doubleheader today. Not like anybody is going to the games other than Yankees fans anyways.


Does Curtis want some cheese with his god damned whine? The Os are trying to schedule 5 games in 4 days, around a natural disaster – cut ’em some slack.


Cut em slack ?? You have thousands of people with tickets and hotel rooms wondering whether to risk their lives driving hundreds of miles to a baseball game…and even if they do get there…will they be safe getting home ?? Mets, Redsox, Phillies..Giants/Jets all did the right thing ! State of emergency in MD, Va, Del, NJ , Philly !! All weather tracks have it slamming into Baltimore area on Sat !!.. Slack ???? Give me a #$%@^* Break !!


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