Mariano: “What I saw wasn’t what they saw”

Mariano Rivera was just about as angry as I’ve ever seen him after tonight’s game, saying that the umpires’ ruling on Billy Butler’s third-inning solo homer cost the Yankees the game.

“What I saw wasn’t what they saw,” Rivera said. “Obviously, given the other team, they saw the same thing. What I saw wasn’t that the ball hit the back wall or something like that. It came down flat on the edge of the corner and ricocheted back out.

“It didn’t hit the wall. But nobody know’s what’s the rule. I assume that’s still in play, everything. That you need to clear the fence to hit a home run. To me, matter of fact, the ball never hit the back wall. That’s why they assumed it hit it, and they called a home run. But what I saw, it wasn’t.”

Rivera said that the fact that Butler was spotted in the dugout holding his helmet, as though he was ready to go back to second base, was evidence the call was muffed.

“I mean, that cost us the game. Tie game, you know?” Rivera said. “I understand we’re human, but come on. You have replays, and get the call wrong? That’s unacceptable.”

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