A-Rod’s surgery goes fine; expected back by September

The Yankees announced Monday that Alex Rodriguez has undergone arthroscopic surgery to correct a meniscus tear in his right knee. The team said that the procedure went as expected and there were no complications.

Dr. Lee Kaplan performed the surgery at the University of Miami (Fla.) and will oversee the three-time American League MVP’s initial rehabilitation in Miami. Rodriguez is expected to be sidelined for four to six weeks, but could return for the Yankees’ September stretch drive.


I like Nunez as a UI, but he is a SS, not a 3B, only 17 starts at the position with a .951 Fld%. Hope he can handle it long term. Don’t expect anyone to replace A-Rod offensively, just get decent production from whomever. You had to go and mention Betemit’s name on this board. Uggggghhhhh!!!!!!


This is why the Eric “Don’t call me Nick Johnson” Chavez pickup was such a bad idea. One of the most injury prone players in baseball over the last several years backing up a player who has seen his body break down over the past couple of years. Where is Chavez now? Oh on the DL. Nice pick up Crashman. Nunez is an ok backup, but doesn’t have A-Rod’s or Chavez’s bat, so he represents a loss in offense. I like the Laird kid, he”s put some decent numbers in the minors but he lacks experience and is an unknown.


I can’t agree with you on that. Chavez was a no-risk addition, it’s not like they signed him to a big money deal. Whatever they got out of him was a bonus, they weren’t counting on him at all.

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I’ll agree with you to a certain point, but can this team really count on getting much out of Nunez or any other in-house replacement? It seems like this team would be in the same position regardless, no one to pick up the slack when it comes to offense with A-Rod’s loss, so there is some risk. In my opinion depth is very important to any good team who hopes to win a championship.


Nunez looked pretty good for a while there with Jeter out, and a healthy A-Rod is tough to replace regardless. I’d probably take Nunez over some Wilson Betemit-type guy filling in.


The Brandon Laird Option
By Mike Axisa



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