Mariano Rivera bows out of the All-Star Game

Yankees closer Mariano Rivera has asked out of this year’s All-Star Game, citing his sore right triceps.

Rivera has been replaced on the American League’s roster by rookie Jordan Walden of the Angels. Because Rivera was a player-elected All-Star, the roster spot went to the next highest ranking relief pitcher who was not already on the team via the player ballot. Walden had 67 votes.

Rivera tossed again today in the outfield at Yankee Stadium and said that he is good enough to pitch tonight if needed, estimating his health at about 95 percent. However, he also said that the triceps soreness is something that he will need to manage for the rest of the season.

The Yankees have five other representatives tentatively heading to Phoenix for the July 12 Midsummer Classic – Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter, Russell Martin and Alex Rodriguez.

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Hooray! Now we have to work on the infield! You never know when some nut job is going to run the bases like Pete (The All-Star destroyer) Rose!!!


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