Mitre back with the Yankees

The Yankees have acquired Sergio Mitre from the Brewers for cash considerations. Buddy Carlyle has been designated for assignment, and Mitre will join the Yankees in time for Thursday’s game against Milwaukee.

Here’s Joe Girardi on how he’ll use Mitre:

“Probably a little bit more of the long man role, in a sense. You could use him for two innings. You could do a lot of different things with Sergio and we did that last year. We had him, we didn’t have a spot for him, he was probably the 13th pitcher coming out of spring training. He helped us last year and the year before, and he’ll be back with us.”

A.J. Burnett’s reaction to Mitre’s return:

“That doesn’t surprise me. Actually, in the dugout yesterday, me and CC (Sabathia) were talking about that: ‘I bet he’s back.’ It just shows you what we think of him, you know? We believe in him.”


“Why not? Mitre can work in short relief, he can give you 2 or 3 innings at a time, and he really isn’t as bad as Yankees fans make him out to be. Last season, he had a 3.33 ERA and a 1.09 WHIP.
Is that better than what Buddy Carlyle would have given? I’d say so.”-Donnie Collins
“It’s just a marginal upgrade (at best), and I think we can all agree that Mitre is better than Carlyle.”-Mike Axisa


Absoutely agree Allan…what in the world…Girardi always keeps these “man crushes” with ex-Marlin pitchers who can’t make it anywhere else….We need another lefty just for like 6 weeks here until we get some arms back!!! Not a mop up pitcher who got smoked when he was here last…Unbelievable!!! If you want to stash him at AAA or whatever…fine…but not on the roster…Dumb move IMO…This pitcher was NEVER any good…


3-6 over 39 games in parts of 2 seasons with us, i realise our BP needs stability, but someone help the dozy Brit out and explain what Cashman’s doing please?



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