Andruw on his ankle: “I just rolled it a little bit”

From the press box and on television replays, it looked like Andruw Jones gave up on a third-inning double play ball, jogging down the first-base line while the Reds completed a 5-4-3 double play.

Some guessed that Jones forgot how many outs there were and thought they’d recorded the third out by forcing Russell Martin at second base, but Jones said that wasn’t the case. He said he rolled his left ankle on the swing and needed to make sure he was OK to run.

“I just rolled it a little bit,” Jones said. “I’ve rolled it a bunch of times, playing basketball and stuff like that. Right when I first moved, I kind of took it easy and made sure everything was OK.”

Joe Girardi and Gene Monahan came out to talk to Jones, who stayed in the game in left field until the seventh inning.

“I feel it, but I’ll ice it and come back tomorrow and get some treatment on it,” Jones said. “It should be fine. I’ve rolled it so many times. Those things happen.”

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