Who’s starting Thursday? David Phelps, maybe

The Yankees’ starter for Thursday is still TBA, as Joe Girardi and his staff decide between Hector Noesi and David Phelps, who was scratched from his scheduled start on Monday as a backup option.

Here’s Girardi’s scouting report on Phelps:

“He’s pitched well down in Triple-A. He’s a guy that has a number of different pitches that you can go to, a control guy that’s been a groundball guy. He holds runners.”

Girardi continued: “Our decision is, do we possibly go with him or Noesi? I’m worried more about our bullpen right now, making sure we’re covered there. We may not make the decision until after Wednesday night.”


The yankees just stole a pitcher from the Phils by the name of Joe Gordon, believe it or not. I’m wondering whether he may get the start?. But I’m good with Phelps or Noesi, Adam Warren just threw another good game last night. Its funny we look at the AAA pitchers and see how well they are doing and lets see, wonder who the catcher is there that only has 1 error all year?..Less than Romine, less than Martin, less than Cervelli…Oh yeah thats right Montero!!!….Put Cervelli at AAA and DL Martin and bring up both Romine and Montero for a little 15 day taste of the Big Show….they are both hitting over .290…then when Martin is 100% keep one of them as the back up….put Montero in vs some lefties at DH and I think we would have a nice thing going here…But I can’t watch Cervelli catch nor hit…I know hes a back up, but come on!!! he is a AAA player at best…keep him in AAA for emergencies or trade him with a pitcher and get a lefty reliever!!!


They should give Noesi a try….He’s doing a superb job in relief and got the stamina and the tools to be a real starter…Go,Yanks,Go!!!


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