Chamberlain to DL, Noesi to Triple-A

Joba Chamberlain has been placed on the disabled list with a strained flexor muscle in his right arm, Joe Girardi said.

Chamberlain will be out 10-14 days and then can resume throwing, so this looks like it will knock him out for three to four weeks minimum.

Girardi said that Chamberlain likely has been pitching with the issue for a short while.

Hector Noesi sent to Triple-A; Amauri Sanit called up, as well as Jeff Marquez (claimed today from White Sox).

Jorge Posada is not here due to his son’s surgery. He is expected back tomorrow. Additionally, Girardi said that Russell Martin’s back locked up last night, so he’s also unavailable.

More details to follow.


I dont get it either. At some point they are both are going to be called up but I do not understand the resistance right now. Vasquez has shown raw power and could provide them much needed pop and Montero,despite the decline recently has shown he can hit and I don’t think any harm would be brought when comparing him to Cervelli’s sub .200 avg coupled with Martin’s slump of late-could use more rest.


When Montero learns how to throw a curve, you might make sense.


sanit and marquez are pitchers….jesus montero is a catcher and jorge vazquez is 1B/3B


Sanit and Marquez (who was formerly in the Yankee system but was traded to Chicago in the Swisher deal) are pitchers. Montero and Vazquez are not. Simple enough. Got it?


What is it with the ridiculous refusal to just bring up Montero or Vazquez?!?!?!?! I understand Jesus Montero has had a weak month and recently had an eye infection, but the fact that we’re calling up completely random guys like Sanit and this Marquez character is ridiculous. I don’t know what the logic is behind leaving potential superstars in the minors is.


Neither of the guys you want to bring up so badly are pitchers, and that’s what they need right now with Joba out and Noesi using everything in his tank last night. He did a great job, and Sanit has done pretty well when he’s been up. I don’t know why you’re getting all bent out of shape about this, it’s simple logic. Plus, I wouldn’t want Montero behind the plate with guys like Crawford and Ellsbury on the bases. Cervelli’s been sub-par recently as well, but as least he has ML experience. That’s more than you can say about Montero. Plus Tex is back, so who needs Vazquez?


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