Girardi didn’t care for Ortiz’s bat flip

Joe Girardi was not impressed when David Ortiz flipped his bat in the fifth inning, celebrating his two-run homer off Yankees righty Hector Noesi.

“I didn’t really care for it,” Girardi said. “I don’t know if he was upset that he missed some pitches earlier. I’ve got a young kid on the mound. I didn’t know if he was upset that he came in hard on him. Of course when it happens to you, you’re going to defend your guy. If it’s our guy, I’m going to say there was nothing intentional about it.”

Several Yankees, including Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada and Nick Swisher, said they did not notice Ortiz’s flip. Noesi said he didn’t see it either, though Girardi added that the issue was more about Noesi to him.

“David has always played the game hard. I’ve never had a problem with David Ortiz,” Girardi said. “This guy has been a clutch player for a long time. My reaction is probably more to protect our young kid. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Noesi said he wasn’t watching Big Papi, he was tracking the ball:

“I don’t watch that. I just see the ball and that’s it. It’s going to happen. I’m going to throw the ball and they have a bat. I don’t think too much about that. I just forget about it and keep throwing.”

And here’s Ortiz’s reaction:

“I don’t know, I mean, it’s not my first time, it’s not going to be my last one, you know what I’m saying? Big deal. I’m a home run hitter. That’s all I can tell you right now. I’ve done it before. It’s not like I do it all the time. It’s part of the excitement. What can I tell you?”


Funny Girardi doesn’t mind A-Rod’s antics. Slapping balls out of gloves or walking on the mound etc. And he only hit 36 in the show so he never developed any flair.

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Hello NFL fans. You guys still locked out?

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Red Sucks ALL are cry babies They ALL need to be hit with a fast ball

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So true they have threw at us for years and we sit back and do nothing then they come into our stadium and kick our butt year after year .Joe needs to figure out how to get these high priced players to get up for the Sox like we used to for years.They laugh at the Yanks I am sure after they throw at us and beat us up and we do nothing to stop it.I have been a die hard Yanks fan since Mantle but I dread to play the Sox because I know what is going to happen .Come on Yanks wake up and come ready to play the game like you can.

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Let AJ throw a 95 mph fast ball at his head…….he’ll get the message…..
Boston are a bunch of cry baby bitches……Now the hurt Tex…….here comes the retaliation……..

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Fat Papi is a goon. He was upset about the previous inside pitch after two Yankees were hit, one being knocked out of the game? Gimme a break. I wish a Yankee pitcher would knock him on his fat ass. The Sox have been hitting our guys for years going back to the ’04 playoffs. We need to hit those crybabies back. And I’ll never forget Ortiz beating on Tanyan Sturtze in the A-Rod/Varitek incident. He should have been arrested.

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wow shows how un humbling Ortiz is… When he was struggling he was begging for mercy and respect from the media than he gets back on the roids and turns into a dickhead

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