Hughes has setback in recovery

Phil Hughes cut his bullpen short today after about 20 pitches, complaining that he felt like there was nothing coming out of his arm on the pitches.

“It’s just the same as before,” Hughes said. “It’s dead, nothing coming out. I didn’t bounce back odd that long bullpen session like I would have liked. It’s just a lot of deadness.”

Joe Girardi called it a setback and Hughes will see team physician Dr. Chris Ahmad today. Hughes said the feeling after 10 or 12 pitches was similar to what he should feel after 110 or 115.

They’d already talked about having Hughes make a rehab start – possibly Thursday – but obviously that’s all on ice now.

“It didn’t bounce back like we thought it would,” Girardi said. “I don’t feel so good about it now. … He said he just feels like nothing is there, and that’s a concern.”


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How long until we find out that there’s a tear in his shoulder requiring surgery? This doesn’t sound like something a little ice is going to cure.


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