Posada hopes homer swing vs. O’s opens the door

Early season results are a funny thing, as Joe Girardi was saying before the game last night. For example, he has a shortstop with over 2,900 career hits, but there are still daily questions to field from reporters asking if Derek Jeter is washed up and will end the season hitting in the .230s, as he is now (fearless prediction: he won’t).

So consider the case of Jorge Posada, who slugged the game-tying home run in the ninth inning last night off the Orioles’ Kevin Gregg. Continuing to adjust to the new designated hitter role the Yankees have slapped on him, Posada has five home runs in 10 games — and, thanks to that pesky 0-for-19 skid he just went through, just two other hits that are not home runs.

Posada is hitting just .189, but his OPS is a healthy .825 – better than Curtis Granderson, Jeter, Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner in the Yankees’ lineup. For the moment, Posada is the all-or-nothing guy.

“I have no idea, but I’m not complaining,” Posada said. “They’re hits, so I’m happy with the way it’s going. Obviously I want to get going a little bit. I went through a funk, a little bit, went through a little slump, and hopefully we can get it going for the whole year.”

The results may not consistently be there, but Posada believes he’s getting close. He said he cracked some balls at people in the series at Fenway Park that could have been hits with better placement.

“I hit some balls right at people,” Posada said. “I hit a line drive to centerfield that I hit real well, and I hit a line drive to first that I thought it hit real well. Sunday was one of those days. (Josh) Beckett was on, so you forget about that one and keep going. It’s just a matter of understanding your job, and doing what you’re supposed to do.”


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I’ve seen Gonzalez comment “not true” to reports that a deal is already agreed to!


Actually they slipped a PR out about 2 weeks after the trade announcement that stated an agreement had been reached, then buried the release. Of course, A-Gonz is going to say what he was told to say, he is being paid 152 million…

Funny thing is Robert, that post I made is censored ( and taken down) on 4 mlb sites within 3 minutes of me posting it,.Of course that’s by accident, lol


So why isn’t Cashman complaining to the commissioners office on the obvious skirting of MLB luxury tax rules by Boston in their delayed announcement of the A-Gonz contract.

Everyone knows this deal was done at the same time the trade was, but Boston delayed announcing it so they don’t pay luxury tax this year.

I expect if any other team had tried this, the commissioners office would have tared and feathered them…So why the special treatment for the Sox and why aren’t other teams complaining??????


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