Cashman not optimistic he’ll find Feliciano’s replacement

With the news today that Pedro Feliciano could miss all of the 2011 season, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman was asked if the diagnosis makes him more likely to get a second left-hander to complement Boone Logan in the bullpen.

Unfortunately for Cashman, he said that the Minor League system is generally bare of left-handed options and the outside marketplace doesn’t have much to offer at this time.

“It’s so hard to find,” Cashman said. “The answer to that question would be always yes, maybe even more so now, but I’m not going to find one anytime soon. We’ve looked at the starting rotation and stuff like that. You can’t get anything done typically until after the (June) Draft, anything of quality.

“You might run into somebody’s headache, [that] might become your fortune because you can turn them around with a change of scenery or something like that – somebody’s bad contract. Those things might be available right now, but that’s the stuff you don’t want to run to either.

“Yeah, I’ll look, but I’m not going to find too easily. I wouldn’t hold your breath, because I’m not.”

Cashman added that Andy Sisco, pitching at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, still hasn’t shown the same velocity he had when the Yankees signed him out of Mexico. He was around 89 mph this spring and is now up to 91 mph, but the Yankees believe he can get back up to around 95 mph.

“I’m not saying he can’t become a choice, but his lines are better than how he’s throwing,” Cashman said.




There was a guy, a lefty, on the rotation last year. He was pretty good too. What was his name Andy something – Come on Cashman give him a call….


How about a replacement for AJ, can he find one of those.

I would include Nova in a trade for Hernandez, no chance.


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