Across the street, Heritage Field taking shape

There hasn’t been much to look at across 161st Street in a while, as most reminders of the old Yankee Stadium had been carted off, leaving a vacant and gray construction site that made Sept. 21, 2008 seem like a decade ago.

That’s why it was such a nice surprise to look out the 4 train window this morning and see a baseball diamond on the same ground where the Yankees used to play. The Yankee Stadium redevelopment project is continuing, and something just seems right about seeing an infield on that parcel of real estate. The project is scheduled for completion in Fall 2011.

I tried to take a cell phone picture from the new stadium, which turned out pretty terrible. But Twitter follower Brian Maw Jr. (@brianmawjr) bested me, finding a better angle from the Metro-North station. Thanks!


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As a visitor to the Bronx, I also come in at Penn Station frokm up north. Then I take a cab to Grand Central and hop on Metro North, which has a stop at Yankee Stadium. Have fun !!


You can actually just take the D from 34th and broadway. Just make sure to listen if you need to transfer for Yankees Stadium.


Easiest is to go to grand central and take the 4 train straight to 161st street


thanks guys….we’ll b bringing a little CALI to NEW YORK!!! LOOK OUT!!!!


best way is by train… Not sure which (I usually drive there), but there is a list of what goes there in the Yankees site and the MTA site.

Enjoy the game… I went last year for the first time after moving away and it was incredible!! 🙂


From Penn Station (34th Street/Penn Station subway station), take the either the “A” or “C” uptown (DO NOT take the “E”) to 59th Street. You can transfer there for the “B” or the “D” train (“B” on the local platform…make sure the train says Bedford Park Boulevard as the last stop..not 145th Street..and the “D” is on the express platform (avoid the “diamond D”…go for a circle “D”.) and get out at the 161st Street/Yankee Stadium stop


very cool!! My daughter will be attending St. John’s this Fall. We have tickets to the game against Baltimore on Wed. the 13th…HELP!! How do we get there from Penn Station? FIRST YANKEES game ever for us in NEW YORK!!


From Penn Sta: take the A train to 59 St/Columbus Sq & transfer to the D train. D Train goes all the way 2 161st/Yankee Stadium station



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