Ballgame over, Spring Training over…

… and the Yankees win, 2-1, in a brisk “Let’s get to the plane” two hours and 29 minutes.

Some quick news from the clubhouse in this one final postcard from Spring Training, as the Yankees donned their travel attire and had their bags loaded for New York:

  • Curtis Granderson came out fine from his simulated game across the highway at the Himes Avenue complex, though he couldn’t play defense because of a soggy outfield. He is scheduled to play in a Minor League game tomorrow against a Pirates farm club. If all goes well, he’ll be on his way to New York to meet the team tomorrow night and could be in the Opening Day lineup.
  • Joe Girardi said that “you can bank on” Derek Jeter leading off against left-handed pitching. They’re still thinking about having Brett Gardner lead off against right-handers, which is something that will be discussed on the flight to New York. “We’ll find out in a few days,” Gardner said. “I’m not worried about it.”
  • Girardi said he thinks Major League Baseball’s new seven-day disabled list for concussions, announced during today’s game, is a great idea.
  • If Granderson is healthy tomorrow, Chris Dickerson will not make the trip to New York. He’ll only fly up if something unexpected happens with Granderson.
  • The Yankees finished the spring 13-15, with three ties. They’ll have a workout tomorrow afternoon at Yankee Stadium and then open the season Thursday against this same Tigers team at 1:05 p.m. ET.


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