Rotation spot gives Garcia some relief

Freddy Garcia exhaled at his locker this morning when someone congratulated him on being named the Yankees’ fifth starter.

“Thank you,” Garcia said. “Finally.”

A notoriously poor spring performer, Garcia knew he had to have a decent Grapefruit League to win a rotation spot. He wasn’t fantastic, posting a 5.93 ERA in 13 2/3 innings, but it was obviously good enough.

“I’ve been working really hard this spring to be here,” Garcia said. “They made a decision. I’m the No. 5 starter and we’ll go from there.”

Garcia came into camp battling with Ivan Nova, Sergio Mitre and Bartolo Colon for a roster spot. Nova won the No. 4 job and Colon’s strong spring displaced Mitre, who was dealt to the Brewers on Friday for outfielder Chris Dickerson. Garcia said he couldn’t take anything for granted.

“You never know. I’m not the one making the decision,” Garcia said. “For me, I worked really hard. They’re looking for two guys to help them for the next six months. I think I can do that, so I think they made the right decision.”


Another move Crashman blew was not getting Crawford. A superior all-around player to Gardner, who is nothing but a pop gun offensively in a lineup full of players who can be explosive. He isn’t as fast as “Pop Gun” Gardner, but he is more than fast enough on the bases as they both stole the same number of bases. Gardner has yet to establish himself as anything more than a #9 hitter forget about leadoff hitter. He is also far more strikeout prone than Crawford as they have they same number of strikeouts but Gardner has far fewer AB’s. Crawford would have been a huge upgrade in the OF and a better fit in this offense, while “pop Gun” Gardener is no fit at all.


What was Crashman thinking? Not going after like Oswalt last season was a big mistake, one that will hurt this team, especially since this team has done nothing to upgrade the rotation. I don’t think this rotation will stay the same after the All-Star break considering how much superior the Suks rotation is to the Yanks. Yanks at best will a 2nd place team this year and that’s stretching it since this team doesn’t have a legit lead off hitter nor a strong bench.Hmmmmm, this all sound familiar. Oh I know, this team goes through the same thing year after year, after year. When will Crashman get a clue? I knew i was a mistake to re-sign Crashman to a new contract.


Nova and Colon won the starter competition so why does Colon get the 5th starter over Colon??? Cashman told hm to do it and Girardi isn’t smart enough to know he made the wrong choice! Fire Girardi!


Garcia is just a retread added to a mediocre rotation. I don’t expect this team to keep the same rotation throughout the season. Another poor offseason in terms of FA pickups. Nice job Crashman!


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