Granderson excited for a Jeter rebound

Curtis Granderson arrived at Yankees camp yesterday and said he is looking forward to feeling a bit more at home now that his second season in pinstripes is beginning. 

That’s all covered here, but here are a few other tidbits from the chat with Curtis:
On Derek Jeter: “I’m very excited and confident for him. He’s one of the best players to ever play the game. It’s amazing that his down year is most people’s good year, normal year. He’s been so good for so long that it didn’t look like he wasn’t that great, but it was good. He was our catalyst at the top of the lineup, defensively he was excellent for us. People said he didn’t have the range and he made some great plays in the hole behind second and third base, stole bases when he needed to. That leadership side of it that you can’t replace because of his experience is always a key.”
On the Yankees adding Andruw Jones: “It’s a good thing to have him there. I got a chance to talk to Andruw Jones when he was with Texas and for our 10 minute conversation in a hotel lobby, we were talking defense and I learned so much in that 10 minutes just talking to him. I’m excited to be around him for that side of it. I see it as all positives across the board.”
On his recent trip to New Zealand: “It was really nice. I highly recommend it. I had a great time. The baseball side of it was great, to see them put together an event and a tournament when it’s not popular yet. They had HD cameras and commentators there, seating for about 500 or 600 people, concessions, and they won their first game against Guam which was the upset of the tournament. I definitely see that there’s interest there and support, as long as they continue to back it.”
On the keys to the 2011 season: “The main thing is going to be health. As long as everyone can remain healthy and stick around as long as we can as a unit, we’ll be all right. The great thing I noticed about last year was the flexibility we had and still stayed in sync. The lineup changed every day and we rotated different pitchers in, the defensive arrangements were slightly different, and we didn’t skip a beat.”


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