About that Red Sox comment…

Last night, before Brian Cashman got busy working his shift at Foley’s New York on West 33rd Street, I asked him to clarify the comment he made earlier in the week about the Red Sox. 

As you’ve surely seen by now, Cashman was quoted as saying that the Red Sox are better than the Yankees on paper at this moment, though he did say the Yankees have a better bullpen. Here’s how Cashman summed it up last night:
“The question I was asked was, if you had to look the rosters on on paper, you’d have to say the Red Sox are better than the Yankees. Would you agree? And I agreed, because they have a deeper starting rotation right now. Pitching is the key to the kingdom. I’m not saying they’re going to beat us – we’re not conceding anything. But if somebody asked me right now, they might be a finished product, we’re an unfinished product. But you don’t win championships in the winter, you win them in the summer. We’re looking forward to going head-to-head with everybody and anybody. I’m not taking a back seat to anybody, but at the same time, if somebody wants to ask me about right now – hey, they’ve gotten some things accomplished and finished off ahead of us. That’s true, but the season hasn’t started yet.” 
In case you were wondering, Cashman looked comfortable slinging drinks, all the while raising money to fight prostate cancer. One employee said she’d put Cashman at the top of the list as far as celebrity guest bartenders – he hustled behind the bar, chatted up the customers and was more than willing to pose for photos. 
“I was very impressed,” said Steve Young of Manhattan, who snagged a seat front and center near the taps. “He actually did a very good job.”


Give me spring training! I’m ready for news about baseball. Of course the Sox are better on paper. Praise your opponent. No sense in giving extra ammunition to them. Levine needs to sign up for the Brian C. school of making diplomatic remarks. Let that new guy in Texas say what he wants. It is decided on the field over 162 and nothing the administrators do will change that. I just ask Brian C. to make one more good move off the discard pile. They’re out there—-he’s just got to find them.


Hal: ?I think Brian does a great job?
By Joe Pawlikowski


?In case you were wondering, Cashman looked comfortable slinging drinks???? That?s good because he?ll need a job after the ?11 season.


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