With Pettitte, different words, same story

As the Yankees have been since the final out of the American League Championship Series, they continue to leave the light on for Andy Pettitte to return. But it seems that Pettitte is no closer to putting the uniform back on than he was that evening in Arlington, when he said he just wasn’t sure what he was going to do. 

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman spoke with reporters at the Owners Meetings in Scottsdale, Ariz. tonight, and one of his phrases could be interpreted to mean that Pettitte would not be ready to start the season with the Yankees. 
“I don’t think he’s determined whether he’s officially finished, but is choosing at this stage to not start 2011,” Cashman said, as quoted by MLB.com.
Cashman later said he had misspoke, and there are no new developments to report with regard to Pettitte. Cashman said that the topic of Pettitte starting the season after Opening Day, like Roger Clemens did for the Yankees in ’07, has not come up.
So the Yankees are right where they’ve been all winter – hoping Pettitte comes back, of course, but no longer watching the phone breathlessly for the moment when there’s a decision one way or the other.
“He cares greatly about this franchise and the direction in which we’re going,” Cashman said. “But you’ve got to be all-in, especially when you play in the American League East. If it takes him some time to get all-in, I respect that. If it never happens, I’ll also respect that.”


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