Cashman: There’s not much out there

A quick blog update for you:
I caught up with Brian Cashman for a few minutes on the phone this afternoon, hoping for some sort of update on the Yankees’ search for helpful additions. As you might have guessed from the headline, it sounds like the scene is pretty quiet. 
“Obviously, I’m looking at what’s out there,” Cashman said. “There’s not much. I’m monitoring what the necessary requests are, financially or player wise. If some drop, then maybe we’ll get a little more serious.”
Cashman wouldn’t speak to any of the specific names that have bounced around, but he did say that his preference would be to add a starter over a reliever, and that pitching is their greatest area of need. 
If the season started today, Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre would probably be at the back end of the rotation, but Cashman wouldn’t say if that scenario seems any more likely now. 
“We’ve got a lot of time left on the clock. Who knows?” Cashman said. “The bottom line is, there’s a reason we haven’t done anything up to this point.”
There’s no need to re-hash the Cliff Lee situation again, but this is the price they’re paying for waiting so long for his decision.
“I’m working at it, but in terms of getting results, that’s why Plan B is patience,” Cashman said. “You’re seeing it.”
Obviously, the Internet and talk radio haven’t had the same sort of cool attitude lately when it comes to Yankees fans. I asked Cashman if he hears that impatience from the fan base and if it could influence anything. 
“I could care less if the sabers are rattling out there,” Cashman said. “It’s about doing what’s right. I’ve dealt with saber-rattling before. I’ll stick with what I believe in. I’m not going to jump into something stupid.”
The obligatory Andy Pettitte update is a no-update – nothing really new to report. 
“I could just tell you that he has been very good about it,” Cashman said. “He informed us about, ‘Don’t wait on me, I’m leaning toward retirement. As of right now I’m not playing, and if I change my mind I’ll let you know.'”
Cashman said that there is nothing Pettitte’s situation will do to influence how they chase other pitchers, because the Yankees are continuing to proceed as though Pettitte will retire. 
“It’s at his request,” Cashman said. “At the same time, I don’t see much in the marketplace that would have me take that type of money and throw it at somebody else.”

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There’s not much out there now. There was a lot more before we sat around waiting indefinitely on Lee when really we knew he probably wouldn’t be signing with the Yankees. Then we’ve been waiting on Pettitte to make up his mind and in the meantime good pitchers have gone elsewhere. We rolled the dice this year on Lee and lost while the Red Sox were busy signing star players and bolstering their team. Cashman should have known what the chances were to sign Lee and if not good he should have forgotten Lee and gone after one or two others. Not Pavano and perhaps Grienke wouldn’t have signed with the Yankees or because of his anxiety issues Yankee management didn’t think he was a good fit in New York. How do we really know that unless he pitched there? But there were others we could have picked up but lost to other teams. Going into the season with CC and AJ and Nova and Hughes and ?? if Andy doesn’t come back doesn’ give me a lot of confidence in the team’s chances. We think the new pitching coach is going to do miracles with AJ. Well I’m interested in seeing if he can do what Eiland couldn’t do. AJ had one big year in Toronto when pitching in the rotation with Halladay and we gave him a big contract based on one year. Now we’re stuck with it. If he really turns it around this year then maybe it wasn’t a bad investment. If he doesn’t, we’re still stuck with him and his big salary.


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