Yankees make their offer to Cliff Lee

The Yankees have made an offer to free agent left-hander Cliff Lee, general manager Brian Cashman has confirmed.

Cashman would not disclose the years or dollar amount, but it is believed to be in the neighborhood of six years and about $140 million. Cashman said that his business is in a holding pattern while they wait for a response.
“He’s someone that’s worth waiting for. We certainly hope that he picks us,” Cashman said. “We think we have a lot to offer, but we understand there is competition.”
Lee’s agent, Darek Braunecker, has left the Winter Meetings to meet with Lee and his wife in Arkansas.
“He’s got all the information he needs from us,” Cashman said. “And I assume he’s got the same from everyone else. I know we’re in the water here.”

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I think the Yankees are in trouble this year even if they get Lee and that’s not a done deal yet. The Red Sox having signed Gonzales and Crawford have a very intimidating lineup with the players they presently have. And their starting pitching and closer isn’t bad either. We’re going to have to hope for injuries again this year for the Sox if we’re going to keep pace. Very disappointed we lost out on Crawford. Waiting around to sign Lee we lost Crawford. Gardner is not a Crawford. He strikes out too much. He can’t bunt and get on base. He can’ bring runners on base home and he doesn’t have any power. An outfield of Gardner Granderson and Swisher is not what I’d call a great outfield. The Sox have signed two big names and we’re still fooling around trying to sign Lee who could end up with the Rangers. If we don’t sign Lee then what? Most of the others have gone already other than Pavano and surely to goodness we’re not going to sign him again. I think we’re in deep do-do this year with aging and ailing players like Jeter and Posada and Swisher and Mo and Arod.


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