Cashman safe and sound on the ground

T09 (1).jpgHe made it.

Brian Cashman went through a couple of practice runs Friday, descending the 22-story Landmark Building in Stamford, Conn. – all as preparation for Sunday’s ‘Heights and Lights’ holiday event. 
Wearing a bandana and a wig with feathered blond bangs, Cashman talked to a few reporters at the scene, where firefighters holding the cables and organizers cheered when he hit the ground.
“I was thinking of the Batman and Robin stuff,” Cashman said, according to The Associated Press. “It’s pretty incredible. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.”
Cashman didn’t have much to say about the Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter contract situations, except to state that “we’d like to obviously have both of those guys back, no doubt about it, and try to find a way to improve the club at the same time.” 
By all indications, the final work could be completed on Rivera’s two-year, $30 million deal later Friday, and Jeter’s negotiations are thought to be back on track after the recent stalemate.
(Photo by Studio Photography)

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