Gardner to have wrist surgery

The Yankees announced Wednesday that Brett Gardner has been scheduled for surgery next week in New York, addressing tendinitis in his right wrist.

You’ll no doubt remember the root cause of it – back on June 27, when the Yankees were back in Los Angeles (that series where everyone seemed so concerned if Alex Rodriguez would shake Joe Torre’s hand). Jonathan Broxton hit Gardner with a fastball, and the ripple effect would go through the rest of the season. 
Gardner missed four games in September when it flared up again, and while a cortisone shot got him back on the field, it was still an issue. He hit .232 with a .340 slugging percentage the rest of the way (80 games), compared with .321 with a .418 slugging percentage through June 27. Gardner is expected to be ready for Spring Training. 
Also, the Yankees have announced that Alfredo Aceves had left clavicle surgery on Tuesday in New York.
Aceves – who has had absolutely no luck this year – was involved in a bicycle accident in Mexico and is expected to need three months to recover. That roughly puts his return around the beginning of Spring Training, though it seems a little less predictable than Gardner’s recovery. 

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