Yanks GM Brian Cashman flying to meet with Cliff Lee

The Yankees have made Cliff Lee a top priority entering this offseason, and on Wednesday, Brian Cashman will have his chance to tell the left-hander to his face. 
Cashman is scheduled to fly to Arkansas on Wednesday to meet with the free agent and his representative, Darek Braunecker. The meeting was confirmed to MLB.com by a baseball source.

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I hope the report that Lee’s wife was upset by the reception she got when in New York for the Division series when affect Lee’s signing. It doesn’t take much sometimes especially if he gets an equal offer financially from another team. Let’s hope Cashman’s meeting with Lee bears the same result as the meeting he had with CC. Being a friend of CC and their wives being friends will certainly not hurt. But the numbers have to be right too, length of contract and amount. Let’s hope the Rangers don’t try to just drive up the dollar amount and make the Yankees pay more than they should. The Yankees thought that in bringing in AJ Burnett that he would be the big #2 punch behind CC but it didn’t happen. Let’s hope if they get Lee he doesn’t turn out like AJ. The difference is that AJ signed a big contract after only one really good season. His track record wasn’t as consistent as Lee’s. Anyway, will be interesting to see how it all develops and fleshs out over the next few weeks. Yankees still need a good outfielder who can defend and who can hit so can’t afford to spend all their money on Lee. They also are wanting to sign Jeter and Mo so it’s going to be tight.


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