Yankees GM Cashman getting set for ALCS

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman took about 15 minutes out of his day Monday to hold an informal conference call with the team’s beat writers, touching on a variety of topics. The big news to come out of the call was that the Yankees are planning to use four starters in the ALCS, now assigning a start to A.J. Burnett and hoping he can turn around his disappointing season.


Here are some of the other subjects that were discussed:

How Cashman is looking at Tuesday’s ALDS finale between the Rangers and Rays:
“You root to advance from our perspective and you hope that the other series maxes out. I’ll root for an extra inning game in Game 5; let it go 21 innings if it has to. It’s not going to affect how we put our roster together or how we schedule our own pitchers. The opponent could play into it depending on who we play, but we’ll have our meeting with our staff regarding the roster tomorrow to start that process.”

Tomorrow at Yankee Stadium: The Yankees will hold an afternoon workout, preceded by a simulated game on the diamond so some pitchers – Joba Chamberlain, Sergio Mitre, Dustin Moseley, etc. can get innings in.

“Unless your name was Kerry Wood, Mariano Rivera, David Robertson, Boone Logan and the three starters, no one else got in there,” Cashman said. We’ve got to do some games to get some guys work. … There will be a lot of time between the end of the season, into the Division Series and when the ALCS starts, so we have to get some guys’ arms going in a competitive stage.”

Damaso Marte update: “We’re going to pull the plug on Marte. He’s not coming through with his shoulder, so he’s going to come back to New York and we’ll discuss what we have to do to get him right – and that could involve surgery. It most likely will. He’s attempted to come back but it just hasn’t worked out. That was the conservative route that’s been done, so now we’ll have to do the more aggressive route, which is the invasive side of it. Doctors will have to make decisions and talk about it with the player.”

Roster changes for the ALCS?: “We’re going to go through the meetings [Tuesday morning]. It’s certainly possible. That will depend on it being a seven-game series and also involving the opponent. Depending on who it could be, there are a lot of variables that could afford us to change the roster, but we haven’t had that meeting yet. We don’t know who we’re playing yet, and obviously we gave everybody some time off between the division series and tomorrow’s sim game.”

Any thoughts on whether they’d rather see Texas or Tampa Bay?: “Nope. I have no opinion. [I] don’t play those games. I just want it to go five games and hope for an extra-inning game, it’s as simple as that. To be where we need to be, we need to go through everybody in our league and prove that we’re the best. All I know is, we’ll be playing somewhere come Friday. We’ll just wait to see who and where.”

How does the familiarity with the Rays affect a potential ALCS with them?: “I don’t have an answer to that. Bottom line is, the 162-game schedule is over with. Yeah, we played them 19 times and with Texas maybe seven. It just comes down to who plays the best and executes the best and has a little bit of luck. All of these teams, with Minnesota, are qualified to represent this league in the World Series. They’re very dangerous opponents, every single one of them, and I like to think they feel the same way about us.”

Is this long layoff between the ALDS and the ALCS a good thing?: “I think for some people it will be good and for other people it will make them a little rusty. I think individually it will be good for some and not so good for others. That’s why we’ll try to simulate some things to keep people fresh and prevent as much rust as we can. Sometimes it’s good to go five games and keep firing on all cylinders like that series is going to be.”

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