Pregame: Mo tries to get it right

Quick pregame notes from under the closed roof at the Rogers Centre, on a rainy Monday afternoon in Toronto that accompanies the Yankees’ first chance to clinch a postseason berth in 2010:

  • Mariano Rivera worked on his mechanics in a bullpen session with pitching coach Dave Eiland this afternoon, trying to get more on top of his delivery. He’s been a little off to the side of the ball lately, the Yankees think, which is affecting his command and the amount of cut on his pitches. 
  • I know some of the fans who have lit up my e-mail and Twitter are thinking differently, but the four stolen bases last night off Rivera were his doing, catcher Jorge Posada and manager Joe Girardi said. Rivera was a little slow to home plate and didn’t really give Posada much of a chance; Girardi said his timing was predictable, which is out of the ordinary for Mo. Posada thought he might have had a shot to get Bill Hall at third base but choked off the throw.
  • The magic number is at one, and Girardi has left it up to the players if they’ll celebrate the playoff spot, should they win or Boston loses. As of right now, CC Sabathia is still scheduled to pitch tomorrow, but that could very quickly change with a clinch. Girardi says he hasn’t made up the rotation for the weekend at Boston.
  • Posada was being heavily considered to catch A.J. Burnett tonight before the extra-inning game and a late arrival in Toronto that saw the Yankees crawl into their beds just before 5 a.m. ET. Instead, Francisco Cervelli is in there, but Girardi said it would be in Posada’s best interest to catch Burnett before the playoffs begin.

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