8/20 – Yankees vs. Mariners

Good evening from Yankee Stadium as the Yankees open up a three-game weekend series with the Seattle Mariners, with A.J. Burnett locking up against Felix Hernandez in the opener. It’s a gorgeous day in New York, with clear skies and temperatures in the 80s – a perfect night to be sitting out in the stands and scarf down a hot dog and a cold one.

Downstairs in the clubhouse, the biggest news – as you’ll see in the lineup below – is that Alex Rodriguez is back in action after three games on the sidelines with a strained left calf. A-Rod has been hitting regularly but today was the first day he got back to running, and he came through batting practice just fine, good enough for Joe Girardi to put him in the lineup.
UPDATE: That lasted one at-bat. A-Rod’s out after his second-inning groundout, which he jogged very slowly down to first base on. Austin Kearns is the new DH.
Here are tonight’s lineups:

MARINERS (48-73)
Ichiro Suzuki RF, Chone Figgins 2B, Russell Branyan DH, Jose Lopez 3B, Franklin Gutierrez CF, Casey Kotchman 1B, Adam Moore C, Matt Tuiasosopo LF, Josh Wilson SS
Felix Hernandez RHP (8-10, 2.62)

YANKEES (75-46)

Brett Gardner LF, Derek Jeter SS, Mark Teixeira 1B, Alex Rodriguez DH, Robinson Cano 2B, Nick Swisher RF, Curtis Granderson CF, Francisco Cervelli C, Ramiro Pena 3B
A.J. Burnett RHP (9-10, 4.66)

Here are tonight’s Game Information highlights from the Yankees…

AT A GLANCE: The Yankees will begin a three-game series vs. Seattle tonight…are 3-1 to begin this seven-game homestand after winning a four-game series vs. Detroit from Monday-Thursday…is also Day Five of 2010 HOPE Week (see pg. 3)…are in a stretch of playing 17 of 23 games at Yankee Stadium (3-1 so far)…following this series, ste out on a six-game road trip to Toronto (3G0 and Chicago-AL (3G) before returning home for their longest homestand of the season (10 games in 10 days)…are in a stretch of playing games on 20 straight days from 8/6-25 (8-6 thus far)…are also currently in a stretch of 36G in 37 days from 7/20-8/25 (17-13 thus far)…are 25-9-5 in series in 2010, tied with Cincinnati for the most series wins in the Majors this season…are 19-14 since the All-Star break, and have won 27 of their last 42 games.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: The Yankees have scored at least 2R in the first inning in six of their last 11 games at Yankee Stadium, including home runs in five of the contests (13 total first-inning runs over the stretch).

BULLISH PEN: Yankees relievers have combined for a 1.58 ERA (62.2IP, 11ER) since 7/26 with 59K and a .185 (41-for-222) batting average…have combined to allow just 6ER over the Yankees’ last 14 games (42.0IP) – a 1.29 ERA.

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Scranton/WB 7
Columbus (Indians) 5
W: Pendleton (1-0, 5.79) L: Pino (9-8, 5.60)
S: Albaladejo (40)
Trenton 4
Portland (Red Sox) 2
W: Arbiso (5-2, 3.42) L: Kehrt (2-10, 4.80)
S: Pope (14)
Clearwater (Phillies) 18
Tampa 6
W: Garcia (3-3, 4.28) L: Hall (9-4, 3.27)
Rome (Braves) 0
Charleston 11
W: Marshall (3-2, 2.90) L: Northcraft (0-1, 12.27)
HR: CSC: Castro, K (2)
Staten Island 2
Norwich (Tigers) 4
W: Mendoza (5-5, 4.74) L: Sneed (0-2, 6.50)
S: Lebron (1)
GCL Yankees 0
GCL Tigers 4
W: Todd (1-0, 2.50) L: Checo (0-1, 7.08)
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.

Syracuse (Nationals) 7:00 PM

Portland (Red Sox) 6:00 PM

Lakeland (Tigers) 6:00 PM

Greenville (Red Sox) 7:00 PM

Staten Island
Norwich (Tigers) 7:00 PM

GCL Tigers, 10:00 AM
GCL Yankees

You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.


Again I state the OBVIOUS does anyone want to bet that A Jerk Bustnet is a Yankee next year? I’d be shocked, 9-11 for $16 million a year????? The guy is a JOKE!!!! I am tired of his inabilities, which are MANY. Have to get Andy back ASAP!!!


What a miserable outing in your own ball park. 3 hits in 7 innings and behind 7 runs. Something has got to be done about AJ. He shouldn’t be starting any more. He needs to go to the bull pen and start Wood or Aceves when he gets back. Maybe need to start Robertson and give him a try. None of them could do any worse than AJ.


Whenever A.J. is pitching, I just flip to the cooking channel.
Then I figure that around the 5th inning I check out the Yankee channel to see if someone new came in from the bull pen. Then I settle down and watch the game. Even though the damage is probably done.


Fernandez has faced 9 Yankee batters and AJ 22. What does that say? And it’s only the 4th inning. A disaster.


Can someone tell me why Bustnut is still pitching? He can’t get anyone out. We’re already behind 5 runs in the 4th inning. This is a total disaster. How long are we going to have to put up with AJ? Every time his turn comes up in the rotation you’re almost sure it’s going to be a loss. He needs to go to the minors but that won’t happen because of his profile and his salary. He needs to be traded but that won’t happen with his long term contract. He needs to go into the bull pen really and try someone else in the rotation. Whoever it is couldn’t be any worse than AJ the way he’s pitching. Put Wood in there to start. He’s done well in the pen since coming from the Indians and at least he deserves a try at it. I think we’ve been patient long enough with AJ. He’s just not getting it done. he can’t locate his pitches and he’s too temperamental anyway. Girardi and Cashman really need to something about AJ now before it’s too late.


59 pitches for AJ and we’re not even out of the 3rd inning yet. No pitching, no offence. Cy Young candidate on the mound? We can’t beat the lowly Mariners in our own ball park? Come on.


27 pitches for Bustnut in the 1st inning. It’s going to be a short night for AJ and a long night for the Yankees


Guess what? Jeter grounds into a double play after the Mariners score 3 runs in the first. It’s starting off to be one of those nights–poor pitching and no offence.


Guess what? AJ is pitching tonight. He’s got his “F” game going(F for failure) He hasn’t pitched many of his A games this year. Not sure he has any A games any more. He really is a liability and with Andy out for another couple of weeks we are in trouble with the way AJ is pitching. Gets two runners on in the 1st inning, lets them steal 3rd and 2nd at the same time and then gives up a home run. Man this is so repetetive whenever AJ starts. And all the money we are paying this guy! What a bad investment. And we’re probably stuck with him. He likely has a no trade clause in his contract and we’ve signed him for what, 5 years? We get a game ahead of the Rays and then we run into a start like this one today. Really disappointing!


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