Pettitte scratched with tightness

Andy Pettitte had been scheduled to throw about two innings today to simulated hitters in Tampa, Fla., but he felt some tightness in his left hip flexor and did not pitch. Pettitte told Yankees manager Joe Girardi that he felt it when he got off his couch yesterday. The Yankees dont seem to think this is a serious setback and may try to have Pettitte throw tomorrow.


GO YANKEES!!! It’s pretty cool when an organization can see how important it was to let Teixeira stay home with his wife. Baseball games come and go. The birth of your child, no matter which number child it is, is a once in a lifetime thing. I guess it’s crazy to some that Teixeira would want to be there with his wife, even if she wasn’t in critical conditon or on her death bed, and share that experience with her. It sad when people can’t make that connection, like my EX-wife: Why do you want to go home for the funeral? Your grandfather is already dead.” Sad.


We need Andy back healthy… Thames has started to come around, he’s getting some key hits. (he still Ks too much) Javy need to go to a NL club the sooner the better.. I’d like to see CC become more dominant….. Jeter picked the wrong time to have a rough season, It could cost him millions. He certainly don’t deserve a huge contract. He’s not the same clutch player anymore….
Coming back last night was great, I really gave up on them, So many missed opportunities…Wood is looking good..I sure hope Long has solved the problem with Grandy, he has really been a waste.. Arod needs to get HOT! he’s been down too long… Is Tex coming back tonight, I hope so. I can’t understand his missing an important series as Texas, As far as I know his wife had no problems medically. It wasn’t their first. I hope he come back all fired up and fire up the rest of the team….


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