Yankees close to acquiring Berkman from Astros

The Yankees are trying to pick up a new designated hitter for the stretch drive, moving close to acquiring five-time All-Star first baseman Lance Berkman from the Astros, a source told MLB.com on Friday. 
Berkman told reporters Friday he had been approached the club about a deal, and he approved a list of four teams he would consider going to. The Yankees were on that list.
In St. Petersburg, Joe Girardi didn’t mention Berkman by name, but talked a little bit about how he has managed the DH role with Nick Johnson out, using it to spell the Yankees’ regulars.
“We’ve used it to rotate our guys and try to keep our guys fresh, but if we have an everyday guy, we have an everyday guy,” Girardi said. “I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, but it has helped giving Alex [Rodriguez] a half-day, and Jeet [Derek Jeter] a half-day, and Tex [Mark Teixeira], and Swish [Nick Swisher]. But if you get an everyday guy that can swing it, that could help our club.
” … I probably wouldn’t share with you my wish list because then other clubs’ demands might go up. However we can improve our club, I’m all for it.”


Is Cashman looking at over 30 players again? Why doesn’t he talk to the soon to be free agent playing left field for the Rays. He is hitting over 300. Or is he waiting until he is in his 40’s.?


Nick Johnson was a HUGE mistake by Cashman. It is not that he is a bad player it’s that the guy is ALWAYS on the DL. Berkman and Kearns ought to help with that. Still think they need a middle reliever.


Seeknay I think you’re right. Colin Curtis isn’t a DH. This putting in a different DH every night and trying to spell off the regulars isn’t going to work through the stretch down to the world series. Nick Johnson has been a real disappointment. He should never have been signed given his track record for injury. Thames isn’t the answer either.


After getting 4 hits tonite the Yankees NEED to trade for this guy.



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