Greetings from Safeco Field


Hello from Seattle, where my tweet from a taxi this afternoon asked this: When I inevitably get my first cup of coffee here this trip, should it be Starbucks, Seattle’s Best or Tully’s? It’s not exactly LeBron James’ decision, or even Nick Swisher’s All-Star Final Vote, but it sure seemed important at the time.

I got plenty of useful responses. The one that made the most sense was to get Seattle’s Best if I wanted a regular, unleaded cup of coffee, and Starbucks if I wanted something fancier. So what’d I do? I never made it to a coffee shop, and it wasn’t for a lack of options. 

In fact, after hustling from the airport to the hotel, there was only enough time to squeeze in a quick run and grab lunch before getting over to Safeco. It’s a busy day here , with Swisher celebrating (good for him, he’s loving it) and an assignment to see what CC Sabathia will say about LeBron. I’m also working on some Alex Rodriguez stories. No. 600 could sneak up at any time. 

I’ll be honest with you — most of the beat seems to have this big-time, bleary-eyed dragging going on after coming in from SFO this morning. At least we’re in the right city – the Mariners have fresh brewed Starbucks on tap in the press box. Of course they do. Wish you were here. 

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Let’s go YANKEES!


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