Considering the bunt sign

Joe Girardi provided an interesting view into the window of his thinking regarding the sixth inning Friday, where Jorge Posada was on second base and Curtis Granderson was on first base with nobody out against Brett Cecil.

Cervelli hit into a double play and the Yankees would be turned away on Brett Gardner’s pop-up, and Girardi was asked if he’d considered flashing the bunt sign for Cervelli instead of letting him swing away.

“That’s a legitimate question. You have a slow runner at second and you have a lefty on the mound who’s falling off toward third base. It’s got to be a perfect bunt. Cervi’s got two hits off of this guy. Lefties are hitting .180, there’s a left-hander behind him, the wind is blowing in. A sac fly is going to be difficult.”



Scranton/WB 1
Pawtucket (Red Sox) 5
W: Bowden (4-3, 3.77); L: Phelps (0-1, 4.76)
Harrisburg (Nationals) 2
Trenton 7
W: Pendleton (7-3, 3.54); L: Kown (2-4, 4.91)
Daytona (Cubs) 3
Tampa 4 (14)
W: Castillo (1-1, 3.60); L: Martinez (3-4, 2.97)
Charleston 5
Augusta (Giants) 3
W: Solbach (2-2, 3.62); L: Lively (4-2, 5.03)
Brooklyn (Mets) 1
Staten Island 2 (10)
W: Claiborne (1-1, 1.42) L: Pinera (0-2, 3.68)
GCL Yankees 0
GCL Pirates 5
W: Phillips (1-0, 5.40) L: Richardson (0-2, 6.14)
You may also see for details.

Syracuse (Nationals) 7:00 PM

Harrisburg (Nationals) 7:00 PM

Daytona (Cubs) 7:00 PM

Augusta (Giants) 7:00 PM

Staten Island
Brooklyn (Mets) 6:00 PM

GCL Pirates, 10:00 AM
GCL Yankees

You may also see for details.

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I had to go back and read the part about Cervelli having two hits against Cecil again. Yup, it still reads that way!

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Are you kidding me Cervelli is a very weak hitter at best,a bunt was the call there he blew it.You could have had 2nd and 3rd with 1 out and Gardner up and you know they would have brought the infield in which makes Gardner a even more dangerous hitter especially since he can smack the ball through the infield.

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I have to admit that I’ve never been a fan of Girardi the coach, and most of the time his calls get me wondering for days or even months… but this explanation shows how well informed he is when it comes to making game time decisions.

Hopefully time will help him figure out the Data + Baseball Intuition equation.

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I’d call that well thought out.

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