Hughes a little too strong

Phil Hughes was a little bit off last night provided a few days off extra rest, as Cliff Lee and the Mariners beat the Yankees, 7-4, on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees also welcomed pitching coach Dave Eiland back after his lengthy absence for personal reasons.

It’s worth noting that All-Star balloting ends tomorrow, and while Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano are secure, the rest of the Yankees could use your help. Fans can vote up to 25 times using, so do your part and make your voice heard.


The decision to skip Hughes was not Girardi’s alone! And it will likely happen again!!!

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I’m in the camp that says a hitter like Montero doesn’t come along very often so I don’t want him traded. Seattle may trade for lesser prospects, otherwise wait for Lee in free agency!

What I saw about the Rocket was that he was to pitch for a AA home run hitting contest that included his son Koby. I have no clue if it happened yet or the results!

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Nodigidee you hit the nail on the head. Numb Nuts Girardi do NOT skip Phil’s next start. Sure Lee likes NY he sees an opportunity to WIN. Here’s a trade; AJ & Park for Lee. Lee is NOT going back to Seattle. The M’s get AJ (I mean they signed Bedard in FA) and the Asian community gets Park. Bet they would go for it.

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Censored word was b_l_o_w_s_o_x.

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Note to Girardi: Hey numb nuts, don’t skip Hughes’ next start. After Vasquez gets shelled & the ******* beat up the Rays, it’s a tie in the A.L. East. Not a happy day here.

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Scranton/WB 1
Pawtucket (Red Sox) 7
W: Mills (2-6, 4.01); L: Redding (2-4, 4.20)
Trenton 4
New Britain (Twins) 0 (7)
W: Noesi (5-1, 1.90); L: McCardell (0-9, 5.28)
Trenton 2
New Britain (Twins) 5 (7)
W: Robertson (1-7, 4.98); L: Pope (2-4, 4.16)
Tampa 5
Lakeland (Tigers) 0
W: Warren (7-5, 2.61); L: Kibler (1-2, 3.24)
Charleston 4
Augusta (Giants) 2
W: Heredia (3-1, 4.07); L: Heston (2-9, 5.21)
Staten Island 10
Aberdeen (Orioles) 8
W: Martinez (2-0, 1.12) L: Gurka (0-1, 5.68)
HR: SI: Mahoney, K (1)
S: Whitley (4)
GCL Yankees 6
GCL Blue Jays 1
W: Quintana (2-0, 1.50) L: Estrada (0-1, 4.91)
HR: YAN: Sanchez (3)
S: Mullee, C (1)
You may also see for details.

Pawtucket (Red Sox) 7:00 PM

New Britain (Twins) 12:00 PM

Lakeland (Tigers) 7:00 PM

Augusta (Giants) 7:00 PM

Staten Island
Aberdeen (Orioles) 7:00 PM

GCL Yankees
GCL Braves, 12:00 PM

You may also see for details.

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