Nobody talks about American Idol

dewyze.jpgDo you know who won American Idol last night? Derek Jeter doesn’t, and he’s hoping to keep it that way.

The Yankees captain was telling everyone within earshot to keep quiet about last night’s season finale, which he hasn’t seen yet but is planning to watch when he gets back to New York. 
So far, Jeter has been able to avoid all references to the program, which named Lee DeWyze as the winner last night. (Don’t worry. Jeter doesn’t use the Internet – or so he claims.
The biggest hurdle will be to keep everyone hushed in the clubhouse, so Jeter has told all of his teammates, the support staff, the manager, and even the reporters — “Don’t say anything about American Idol. Nothing about American Idol. Nobody talks about American Idol.” 
Over and over and over, as each new face walked in the door. I had to talk to Jeter about an unrelated matter today and asked him for a few minutes of his time. His preemptive strike went a little bit like this:
Jeter: “Nothing about American Idol.”
Me: “Umm, OK, sure.”
I haven’t watched an episode of American Idol in years, so no threat there. But I told him that there is no way he’ll get back to New York without someone spilling the beans. If we’re lucky, the Twins will have the winner out to throw tonight’s ceremonial first pitch or something — which he agreed might have happened if this was Anaheim.
Couldn’t help but realize that, with all this talk about American Idol, Carl Pavano is actually in the stadium. Is that wrong?


LOL…Pretty sad that Derek, earning $22+ million got 2010, is concerned about the winner of American Idol …. I would have thought that Derek had more important stuff to occupy his off field time.

By the way, Derek and Cano are the only Yankees who deserve to be on the All-Star team this year. I am totally shocked that the Yankee website is promoting votes for Teixeira, A-Rod and Granderson (granderson? based on what?).

Unlike years ago, the All Star game has been given significance and each league needs to put forth their best, not just the fan favorites.


Who cares about American Idol? … Does it change our lives?
Of course not…….. Lets get back to Baseball and the Yankees. Who was sent down for Granny, My choice would be Juan Miranda. He needs to play everyday, Maybe he’ll be ready when he returns. Aussie Brian is right Grandy wasn’t setting the world on fire before the DL. I do think Russo has shown some skills as an OF, He did pretty good with the bat too. Maybe Tex is ready to show some prowess at the plate. We have to do better w/RISP…
Vazquez has again shown he has mucho problems in the AL.


Kim Jones warned Derek Jeter that Morneau might talk about American Idol in first base. Jeter’s respond was, “I’ll tell him never say a word about American Idol.” He even warned Kim Jones that he’ll never entertain an interview around the All-Star Game. I can’t remember the time span..😀


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