The Hughes plan

The Yankees have made a decision on what to do with No. 5 starter Phil Hughes. Here it is:

Hughes will begin the season on the Yankees roster. He’ll make an April 5 extended Spring Training start in Tampa, Fla., then meet the team in Boston. He’ll return to Tampa with the team and make an April 10 extended Spring Training start, then be ready to start on April 15 against the Angels at Yankee Stadium.

Tomorrow, Joe Girardi is expected to officially announce that Curtis Granderson is his Opening Day center fielder. Brett Gardner will be in left field and Nick Swisher, of course, will be in right.


Hopefully the long term plan doesn’t involve limits beyond skipping a start here and there.

Bryan, do you know when Girardi will confirm Joba’s role for 2010? Will it be similar to the one Rivera had in 96 as the super set-up man, with license to pitch 2 innings?


I like the plan.


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