3/30 – Yankees vs. Blue Jays

A little doubleheader action! After scooting down I-4 from Lake Buena Vista and saying goodbye to Mr. Mouse for the spring, we’re under the lights here at George M. Steinbrenner Field with the Yankees hosting the Blue Jays:

BLUE JAYS (10-11-1)
Bautista RF
Hill 2B
Lind DH
Wells CF
Overbay 1B
Encarnacion 3B
Snider LF
Gonzalez SS
Chavez C

Marc Rzepczynski LHP

YANKEES (11-14)
Jeter SS
Johnson 1B
Thames LF
Rodriguez 3B
Winn RF
Pena 3B
Weber DH
Cervelli C
Golson CF

Pitching: Sergio Mitre RHP

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The yankees have had a rather ho-hum spring training, very average at best. The starting rotation hasn’t been great. Even CC has been hit hard. Everyone thinks the pre-season means nothing and everything will turn around on April 4th. It doesn’t usually happen that way. A lack of momentum carries over into the regular season and it will take some time and considerable effort to get it turned around. We make excuses for everyone because “they have a slow start usually” etc. etc. I don’t have a real confident feeling in this year’s yankees. There are a couple of weak spots in the lineup and the starting rotation really needs to start pitching like they’re capable of pitching. A couple of key injuries and we could be in real trouble. The RAys are going to be a tough opponent this year.


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