Let’s play two! (Sort of.)

A rainout Sunday makes for a busy Monday at Yankees camp. Here’s how Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland figured out the dilemma they were facing, of making sure eight pitchers could see mound time against live hitters with one game to play — create another game!

10:30 a.m. – Intrasquad game at George M. Steinbrenner Field — Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and Damaso Marte vs. Joba Chamberlain, Chan Ho Park and Dave Robertson.

1:05 p.m. – A.J. Burnett starts for Yankees at Phillies in Clearwater, Fla.; Phil Hughes relieves.

Problem solved. Read into that what you will about the fifth starter competition and Joba vs. Phil.


The Jobs vs. Phil dynamic is an interesting one. Whichever way that one plays out, the unhappy half ‘he should be in the rotation/bullpen’ crowd for both pitchers might turn out out to be a distraction.

Though of course, the Yanks will have one less distraction to deal with this year now that Mauer has signed the 4th biggest deal in history with the Twins, though how much of a good thing it is I don’t know.

Personally I’d rather see him on the Twins then the Red Sox as with Montero and Romine coming up Cashman may not have felt the need to outbid Theo on this one. Certainly guarenteeing a catcher 23 million for the next 8 years……
Of course the Twins were always favorites, he is their Jeter, their franchise icon and he wasn’t likely to be going anywhere


I am in St. Pete and would drive to Tampa then Clearwater for first pitch if we knew it was OK to go to the 10:30 game.


I am in St. Pete and would consider going to Tampa at 10am and then Clearwater for the first pitch if I knew fans could get in. Any word on what’s happening?


Boo! I flew down to Tampa from CT for today’s game and ended up stuck in the rain, wish they’d just let those with tickets for todays game come to the intrasquad game tomorrow, I’d rather have that then a refund;)


MON – MAR – 22 – at Phillies – 1:05 PM – YES/ESPN
TUE – MAR – 23 – – – – – –
WED – MAR – 24 – vs Nationals – 7:05 PM – –
THU – MAR – 25 – at Orioles – 1:05 PM – –
FRI – MAR – 26 – vs Phillies – 7:05 PM – –
SAT – MAR – 27 – at Tigers – 1:05 PM – –
SUN – MAR – 28 – vs Tigers – 1:05 PM – YES


So is there any way for fans to see this 10:30am game?


Doesn’t seem like it. It’s probably going to be two teams of Yankees and 10,000 empty blue seats.



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