Joba “back to having fun”

Here are some thoughts from Joba Chamberlain after his four innings of work today:

“I’m back to having fun, just embracing the challenge. That day off was good for me just to think about what I needed to do. I just went back out and attacked the zone and tried to stay positive.”

“That’s me, attacking the strike and being able to work on some things in certain counts. I just felt really aggressive. It’s one of those  things where once you feel it you continue to build from that. I think it’s a good thing from a mental aspect to build on.”

“These other guys are throwing the ball great. Pushing each other in the competition we have is going to make our team better. I’m going to fight with all my heart and everything I’ve got to try to win  that job and try to help this team win. That’s something that I want to do, to get that opportunity to hopefully not have innings restrictions, and we’ll go from there.”



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Like You’re dreaming if you think Jeter is going to the OF. Never Happen. Did you review his stats from last season? One of his best of his career. Are you a Yankees fan, BTW?

Like, You’re dreaming about moving Jeter to the OF. Never happen. Did you, by CHANCE, check his stats from last season? One of his better seasons of his career. Of Course, you’re entitled to your opinion. It just makes no sense to knowledgeable fans. Are you a Yankees fan, BTW?




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