Jeter back after bout with food poisoning

Derek Jeter returned to camp on Friday, dressing in workout clothes and preparing to hit in the underground batting cages. He said that he had actually been battling a bout with food poisoning, which he guessed might have come from a seafood meal.

Thankfully, Jeter wasn’t in the mood to provide many details, though he said, “I think you can figure it out.” I asked him if he wanted to name the restaurant – you know, as a public service – and he laughed before declining.

Jeter said that he expects to play Saturday against the Tigers in Lakeland.

Meanwhile, the Yankees and Nationals have been washed out in Viera. The bus made it about an hour away from George M. Steinbrenner Field before turning back around. There doesn’t seem to be any chance of playing an intrasquad game here in Tampa, so Joe Girardi is going to need to make alternate plans for Andy Pettitte.

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Never, but never eat fish unless you catch it yourself!.


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