Joba slips on a day for smiles

capt.161dcd5609284565a3080b4d5bd1da55.yankees_tigers_spring_baseball_flgp116.jpgCurtis Granderson got to exchange hugs and pleasantries with his old Tigers teammates yesterday, and Johnny Damon quipped about his old Yankees buddies secretly missing him as New York and Detroit met for the first time this spring.

It was all feel-good in the sunshine, except for Joba Chamberlain, who may be slipping a touch in the race to be the Yankees’ No. 5 starter. Perhaps Chamberlain is still battling the after-effects of a nasty case of the flu, which he spoke about after the game, but in any event the numbers didn’t look pretty in our writeup:

Chamberlain’s Spring Training ERA sits at 27.00 after he gave up six
runs on five hits and three walks over 2 1/3 innings on Wednesday
, but Hughes stepped in and allowed a solo home run among three hits, striking out two and walking none over 2 2/3 innings.

Just for comparison, the New York Post declared that Joba will be facing the biggest Spring Training game of his young career when he faces the Astros on Tuesday.

The positive spin from the Yankees’ perspective is that there is still time for Chamberlain, Hughes and even the other competitors to make their ultimate impression. Girardi said early in camp that he wanted to have a fifth starter picked out by about March 25 or so, making this the official two-week warning for the races.

  • Love this quote from Granderson -“On my iPhone, one of my bookmarks is still the Tigers’ Web site. There’s no reason for me to delete it.” I need to ask him if he’s reading too.


I agree ol hickory about Joba. He was ok for 2 innings last year and then the wheels usually fell off. It looks the same this year. He’s basically a two inning relief or set up pitcher, that’s all. Forget trying to put him in the starting rotation. He’s too inconsistent. The Yankees have been slow in their start in this spring training again, both pitching and hitting. None of the starters have been great so far. Because of the weather they’re not getting regular starts. It looks like Aceves is making a case for #5 starter or possibly Mitre. What’s all this about Melky coming back? No way that’s going to happen with the salary cap and the extra outfielders we have this year. Time to move on.


Isn’t it time to stop making excuses for Joba. He is just not getting the job done right now, he may come along but as of now he is not ready to start. Get him ready for BP duty.
Prediction: If we get off to decent start in April, At least 13W 8L, I say they win the East by 5+ games. In the last 2 seasons we were off to terrible starts and made a run, and came close in 2008 and WON the whole thing in 2009. Arod and Tex should make the difference in getting off to a good start. ..We still may need to trade for a legitimate LF. (GO YANKEES! in 2010)


2010 Season Preview: Sacrificing offense for defense in left
By Mike Axisa


Thames seem to be getting all of the playing time, at least over Winn or Hoffmann, so far. It would be great to have Melky back. It’s highly likely Heyward makes the Braves over him so that kind of thinking pleases me!!!


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