Damon scratched; Flash to be honored

So much for that Johnny Damon vs. the Yankees matchup we were talking about. He’s going to sit today’s game out with a case of turf toe. But Curtis Granderson is still in the lineup for the Yankees today at Lakeland, and he’s looking forward to seeing his old Tigers mates:

“I’ve already seen a few of them,” Granderson said of the Tigers, “but
to get a chance to go over to Lakeland, where I trained since 2003, is
going to be exciting. I’m not sure how many people they’re going to
have there tomorrow, but that’s one of the days on the calendar that is

This from yesterday – how would you have liked to get this text message from Nick Johnson: “I was awful. I was embarrassing.” After going 0-for-2 with a walk in an exhibition game? Well, Kevin Long did.

“That’s the type of guy Nick is. He’s hard on himself,” Long said.
“He’s got a little Larry Bowa to him. That’s part of that family, which
I like. He’s going to expect a lot. I think the great ones do that.
That part of him, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

  • Also, this note to pass along: YES Network broadcaster and former Yankee John Flaherty will be honored at a March 15 luncheon at Gallagher’s Steak House in New York to benefit Fordham University. Tickets are priced at $75, and include a three course luncheon menu and a donation. For information and tickets call Cirillo World at 212-972-5337 or email johnnycigarpr@aol.com.


Thames seem to be getting all of the playing time, at least over Winn or Hoffmann, so far. It would be great to have Melky back. It’s highly likely Heyward makes the Braves over him so that kind of thinking pleases me!!!


i miss Grandy all ready. You Yankees got a real treat to watch him play. A real great guy. I’ll never forget him


My feeling is either Winn or Hoffman.


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