3/8 – Yankees vs. Phillies; Yankees at Pirates

Split squad today, and that goes for MLB.com too. While Bryan is at home doing his taxes, I’ll be at Steinbrenner Field following the Yankees and Phillies, so feel free to follow along on Twitter @AnthonyDiComo.

Half the club is down in Bradenton taking on the Pirates, but there’s plenty of news here in Tampa. For starters, Mariano Rivera threw some live BP today and called the session “delicious.” Joe Girardi says he’ll make his Grapefruit League debut March 17 against the Phillies — but that game’s on the road, and no one here is even sure if Rivera owns a pair of road gray pants. “We’ll figure it out,” Rivera said when asked.

Francisco Cervelli is heading to see a neurologist today, after reporting no symptoms from his concussion yesterday. “All good so far,” was how GM Brian Cashman put it, though the Yankees may remain cautious with Cervelli going forward.

Finally, Chan Ho Park was scratched from his live BP session due to some tightness in his glute. He should be good to go tomorrow.

Now for the lineups…first at home against the Phillies:

Rollins SS
Polanco 3B
Utley 2B
Howard 1B
Ibanez LF
Werth DH
Francisco CF
Mayberr, Jr. RF
Ruiz C

Pitching: Kyle Kendrick RHP

Gardner CF
Johnson DH
Teixeira 1B
Posada C
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Thames LF
Russo 3B
Pena SS

Pitching: Javier Vazquez RHP

And on the road:

Jeter SS
Granderson CF
Winn RF
Rodriguez 3B
Miranda 1B
Pena C
Hoffman LF
Pilittere DH
Corona 2B

Pitching: Alfredo Aceves RHP

McCutchen CF
Iwamura 2B
Jones RF
Doumit C
Pearce 1B
Moss LF
Crosby SS
Jones DH
Walker 3B

Pitching: Paul Maholm LHP

–Anthony DiComo


Note to the idiots coming and posting garbage on here: Grow up.


Robert: Yes, the two wins yesterday helped to ease the anxiety. A few more will really make me feel more confident. Aceves pitched a strong game obviously. AROd and Tex still need to get their bats going. I wish these idiots posting these stupid sexual comments would go away and post somewhere else. This is a blog for Yankee fans and baseball, not stupid personal comments, whether they are serious or joking. Not appropriate nor welcomed by most of us. Bryan needs to delete them.


Very clever imposter. Creates look alike IDs with a “t” missing. Damn these free Google E-mail accounts!!!

Just ignore them! And I’m pretty sure that it is NOT Matt!


Do two wins today calm your nerves?


I saw Thames make four plays in LF today. Two fly balls caught and two one hop singles fielded cleanly. One of the singles was an RBI and Thames throw to the plate was a lollipop to the cut off on one hop. I swear Damon throws better, but it could have been indecision!


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