3/7 – Yankees at Twins

Gardner CF
Swisher DH
Teixeira 1B
Cano 2B
Thames LF
Hoffmann RF
Rivera C
Pena SS
Laird 3B

Pitching: Sergio Mitre RHP

Revere CF
Punto 3B
Mauer C
Cuddyer RF
Kubel DH
Peterson 1B
Jones LF
Tolbert SS
Casilla 2B

Pitching: Scott Baker RHP

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Interesting no one has commented on this lopsided drubbing Minnesota gave the Yankees. And it was their split squad too. Where has our offence gone? It really hasn’t even started up this year yet. Guys like Jeter and Arod and Tex have done nothing yet. And the pitching hasn’t got untracked yet either. An awfully slow start that I hope doesn’t translate into falling way behind at the beginning of the season again and having to work like crazy to catch up like last year. Not sure you can do that every year and expect to win the World Series. A couple of teams in our division have really improved in the off season, the Bosox! Anyway, don’t want to be too depressed just yet. But hey, at least end up even by the end of spring training. We’ve got to win a few games here soon.


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